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Wrexham Computers
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Wrexham Computers (The Computer Specialists)specialises in Home and Business Computer repairs, upgrades, network installations, virus removal, wireless network installations, pc and mac upgrades and fixes 

We are able to design your Lan and Wide area network including ip configurations,  managed server services, our qualifications include CCNA, CCNP and MCSE Engineers.

Home Fixes, we have engineers who are constantly mobile, so if you do need to have your pc repaired immediately then just give us a call.  pc repairs, upgrades, memory upgrades all these include laptops which are treated the same as desktops, we promise that we will keep all costs down.  Call us for a free quote. 

Broadband issues, we can fix most broadband problems, if you do need assistance we can provide you with all the latest information including who the best broadband companies are, based on customer satisfaction not just cost..........

We are currently building an eshop where you will be able to buy all your latest computers, laptops and consummables.

Business Networks

Networking Benefits

  • Lower hardware costs, users can share printers and other office hardware equipment.
  • Your Business can be more efficient as a network allows information to be shared by all employees.
  • Communication between employees is much easier with the use of applications such as e-mail.
  • A centralised security system that makes it virtually impossible for outsiders to break into the system.
  • Users can access their files from a remote location.
  • Improved, more cost effective and secure Internet access.

You could benefit from all the above by having Wrexham Computers design and install your network.  Let us take a look at your requirements.  Whether you are a small or medium sized business, we will install a network to suit your needs.  We offer a complete service from consultation and design to installation and maintenance and upgrades.

Home Networks

Join the millions of people already enjoying the benefits of a home network. Take advantage of today's technology and maximize your computing assets.

Eliminate waiting in line to access the Internet

Your home network allows you to surf the Internet simultaneously from multiple computers. Thus, by paying for only one Internet Connection, you can have all your computers on-line at the same time!

Save money and space on computer peripherals and files

Why pay more than once for the same piece of equipment? Instead of having separate printers at every computer location, your home network allows you to use multiple computers and only 1 printer, scanner, camera, etc.

Protect your computing assets

By setting up a network with one of our Home Gateways, we provide a level of security through a "firewall". A firewall protects your network from intruders and hackers. You can also monitor and restrict websites to protect your children and family.


Home networks allows sharing files, playing games and moving data from one computer to another without running back and forth.

Home Offices

Access to your home network from anywhere. More people are now working from home and taking advantage of home office technology.

We can install a fully switched or wireless network in you home at you convenience.

Call us now on 01978 758040

Builder and Developer Consultation Service

The growth in the use of integrated computer / TV / DVD video and audio systems in homes has created a need for home developers to consider offering pre-installed networks in new homes. This is no longer a specialised requirement for top level executive homes but really should be considered, at least as an option, for all homes.

This is a case where, although customers may not be asking for it, if it is offered it will be snapped up. It's just that home buyers will have so much on their minds that it might not be considered. The benefits of installing these systems at the building stage will be obvious.

We will be pleased to provide you with quotations. Call us now on 01978 758040